Cracking 45 Miler

You know the script by now, today’s 45 mile pedal was a thoroughly enjoyable 44.11 miles in dry and mild conditions, though we were subjected to strong headwinds at points making us work for our miles.

Today’s trio of riders consisted of Gilly, Hugh and myself. Ally Menzies was supposed to join us but an early morning text confirmed that he wouldn’t make it, he’d decided to train for the Social Side of the Etape Caledonia the night before. Lol

The plan was for Gilly and Hugh to leave Gilly’s at 9:15am and head across to mine for 9:30am, but that soon changed as Hugh was running a little late. I decided to head off and meet them on route and off we headed along the Queensway in the direction of the Eaglesham Moors, a route Hugh had never done before, so didn’t know what to expect.

It wasn’t untill we were cruising along the dual carriageway that I spotted something…….. Gilly was on his new stead, Black Beauty, and boy was she a beauty!

It wasn’t long before we were at the foot of the Moors and pulled in before the traffic lights to allow Gilly and Hugh to remove a few layers as they weren’t expecting it to be as mild. This gave Hugh time to look up and admire the beast that is the Eaglesham Moors! He didn’t look impressed at what lay ahead! Lol

Off we set to tame the beast and Gilly’s hidden motor (allegedly) kicked in and off he shot. I felt pretty strong myself but not as strong as Gilly and left him to it as not to burn myself out so early on. We crested at the top of the Moors and stopped for the traditional photo shoot.

All Smiles at the Top of the Eaglesham Moors!
All Smiles at the Top of the Eaglesham Moors!

After allowing Hugh time to catch his breath and get some of his homemade rice cake into him we set off onto the A77 and swung and the rest of our route taking in Moscow, Newmilns, Loudon Hill and more on our way into Strathaven before heading up past Strathaven rugby club and back onto Muttonhole Road where we said our farewells and headed our separate ways.

As per usual there was a few impatient drivers out on the roads today.

I felt strong out there today and enjoyed the climbs. Hugh found it tough and struggled a bit but to his credit he never gave up, dug in and completed the full 44 miles!

Distance: 44.11 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,405ft
Average Speed: 16.3mph

Really enjoyed that today, great ride and great company with even the weather being kind to us!

Some footage from today’s ride.