Cracking 47 Miler

For those of you who have been paying attention and read last weeks blog you’ll know that the unwritten law of the cyclist is to round-up your mileage to the nearest mile. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them!

Anyway today I embarked on a 47 miler (46.3 miles) with Gilly, Hugh and Chris in what turned out to be a cracking day, albeit a tad chilly.

With the forecast freezing temperatures through the night, Saturday into Sunday, we opted for a 10am start to allow the sun to come out and melt the ice. This worked well for me as I’d had taken the boys through to St.Andrews for the day to see my mum and dad’s new caravan and got home at 9pm.

The confirmed team sheet for the day was:

I left my house and made the usual killer climb over the backroads with little than a few crank rotations before hitting the climb, heading to Muttonhole Road to meet up with Gilly, Chris and Hugh.

After a 13 minute wait, yes I did time them, they crested the hill and made their way towards me. Chris wasn’t hard to spot as he was having a trial run with his outfit for next months Gay Pride Parade, dressed in his luminous Pink / salmon attire! Pink jersey, gilet and overshoes!

We headed towards Strathaven via Chapelton which was a little icy at places. We worked well together all the way past Dungavel Prison and stopped just shy of Muirkirk before stopping for a photoshoot.

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After the photoshoot was completed, our new calendar will be out soon, we retraced our footsteps, or should I say bike tracks and said our farewells at the end of Muttonhole Road before I headed off back in the direction of East Kilbride and my home.

Thouroughly enjoyed that today. I felt sluggish at the start but got stronger as the ride went on and ended up with 22 Strava trophies, of which 13 were PB’s!

Distance: 46.3 miles
Average Speed: 16.3mph
Elevation: 2,425 ft
Calories Burnt:2,078

Video clip from todays ride: