Cry Me A River

Cry me a river…….. infact no need to as I just created one from sweat this morning while getting beasted by the 3LCTV crew at the Road Race dvd!

My alarm went off as what has now become the norm, at 6am this morning and I very nearly rolled back round! I tell you I was so close but then without much more of a thought I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to get kitted up and line my shorts with vaseline! Calm down it ain’t no kinky shit it’s just to prevent chaffing while literally sweating my balls off as the 3LCTV team put me through my paces.

Something wasn’t quite right this morning as I got up, I felt a little lathargic, but just putting it down to the early start I headed down the stairs and jumped on the turbo and straight into Road Race Pain. I found I was struggling more than usual but plodded on like a true hero does. Lol

With the sweat building up and the reps passing by I was getting closer and closer to the grand finale, for those of you who haven’t tried out the Road Race dvd I won’t spoil it for you, but be prepared to be punished by a man that goes by the name of Mark Cavendish who incidently manages to beat me to the line everytime while wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt and a hoodie! Such is the calibre of the man…….. definately straight out of the “Manx mould!

Today was no exception as Cav rode to victory, the exception being that I was dropped earlier than usual I just couldn’t get up to speed in that last two min all out section! Boy was I glad to cross that finish line and start the 10 min warm down! I don’t know what it was today but it just wasn’t happening. We all get one of those days and I guess mine was today! Nevertheless I completed the session and created a newly flowing river of sweat in my livingroom.

Long lie for me tomorrow morning as with it being Wednesday I treat myself to a rest day from my 3LC Turbo Sessions, that’s mainly because I hit the road on a Wed night with whoever I can muster from the Whitelee Warriors team sheet. Believe me it’s getting harder now the dark nights and crappy weather has landed! But don’t panic I’ll be back on Thursday for a bit of 3LC Climbing.

3LC Road Race Dvd
3LC Road Race Dvd