Davie Mullin Pops his Cherry!

Today was a momentous day in history as Davie Mullin popped his cherry!

Today I witnessed something I thought I’d never see in my lifetime as a lycra clad Davie Mullin appeared around the corner on a road bike! Yes you heard that right……… Davie Mullin, Lycra & Road Bike!!!

Welcome to the dark side Brother Mullin! We only have 2 members of the Warriors left to convert, ASBO & Ricky, and I thoroughly believe that before the Scottish Bike Sportive in April that they too will come across to the dark side. Jumping the fence is nothing new to Ricky!

With Mr Haining already converting to the dark side and Scotty…….. well he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth! He keeps telling me has access to one of his dad’s road bikes but never appears out on it………. in fact he NEVER appears these days!

I sent a text around on Friday saying that I was unable to head out on Sat as Callum had his first football tournament and instead would be heading out on Sunday if anyone was up for it. I had hardly hit the “Send” button and Davie replied back with, “I’m up for it!“. We arranged to meet at mine at 9am as at that point no-one else was up for it.

Gilly sent me a text saying that he too was up for it and after a quick phone call to discuss the route we decided to meet at Muttonhole Road. I text Davie to say that we would head from mine to Muttonhole road to meet up with Gilly and he responded with “I’ll just get you at Muttonhole Road“. Lol Davie didn’t fancy the climb over the back roads on his first outing!

I set off at 9am and completed the solo climb in the chilly morning air and arrived at Muttonhole road then was joined soon after by Gilly and Davie on his trusty new stead!

I knew some of you wouldn’t believe me so there you go video evidence that Davie has completed his transfer to the dark side!

After having a good look at Davie’s shiny new toy and congratulating him on his purchase we headed off Muttonhole Road, Strathaven Road, Limekilnburn Road, into Glassford and then onto Muirkirk Road. We had to deal with rough terrain for about a mile before we hit the smooth rolling tarmac and got a half mile through and off going with Davie taking his turn well on the front.

We headed along the B743 towards Dungavel and Davie was starting to struggle at points. We stopped just across from the fishing bit at Dungavel to give Davie a wee rest and make a couple of small tweaks to his riding position.

Looks like Davie & Gilly have already sorted out the Team Kit!
Looks like Davie & Gilly have already sorted out the Team Kit!

After a short break we headed back along Muirkirk Road and back into Strathaven. From here we headed on to the Strathaven road, through Chapelton and back onto Muttonhole Road where we said our good byes and I headed back to EK.

All in all it was a great wee pedal covering 39.14 miles with an average speed of 13.9mph with some nice little climbs along the way! It was a lovely morning for it and it was great to see Davie out on his road bike.

Great effort Davie!

To top things off Callum managed to ride his bike without the stabilisers for the first time today! Very proud! He’ll be out with the Warriors on Wed for a wee cheeky 23 miler!

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