Double Dunter


With the Etape Caledonia just around the corner, well 6 weeks on Sunday to be exact, I decided to up my game and get a Tuesday, Wednesday double dunter in! It was time to give those legs a treat and put them through their paces two days in a row, lets see how they like that eh!

The roll call for the Tuesday evening consisted of myself, Stevie P and John. Heading home from work I gave John a call to check he was still ok for the ride. The phone was answered and the voice of a rather sheepish John came over the handsfree kit in my car, straight away I sensed we were a man down, I was right. John had splashed the cash and treated himself to an exotic lunch which consisted of a baked potato and tuna, (*just to avoid legal repercussions I need to state that I’m not 100% sure that it was tuna) which was obviously a little rich and posh for him as he was now feeling unwell and reeling that he’d wasted £2.50 on a rich man’s meal.

So there we were, back to the usual suspects of just myself and Stevie P, a double act that terrified all the surrounding hills!

The route chosen was the usual mid week one, 27 miles over the Eaglesham Moors! One day I’ll break out my comfort blanket and try a different route during the week…… this week was not the week for change though! Being the safe route and one you’ve heard about during many of my rants on this website I’ll spare you the turn for turn details and just summarise the ride instead!

The weather was fairly kind to us, the road was damp but the rain kept away for most of the route with the exception of the long straight on the A77 where we were treated to heavyish rain straight into our faces! The temperature wasn’t too bad but did get noticeably colder the higher we climbed.

During our climb over the dark and creepy Eaglesham Moors we suddenly became aware that we were not alone…….. the road was covered with frogs, some of which had played Russian Roulette with passing cars and were now sporting go faster stripes in the way of car tyre marks down their backs! Undeterred by the bright lights the frogs just stayed motionless which made dodging them that little bit easier. Didn’t fancy getting one of those slippery creatures trapped under my wheel as it may have resulted in an impromptu meeting with the tarmac followed by a savage attack from the hundreds of frogs that littered the road!

Both Stevie and I felt really strong on the climbs, albeit the average speed wasn’t that high. With another attack on the Moors awaiting us the following evening we decided not to go out all gun hoe, and save some energy for the following evening.


With 27 miles in the legs from the previous evening it was time for part 2 of the double dunter! This time the roll call consisted of four riders, myself, the ever present Stevie P, Willie and Baked Potato John! Looks like John ditched the rich foods and reverted back to Pot Noodles for lunch rendering him fit to go tackle the might of the Eaglesham Moors!

Stevie was running a little late and I relayed this onto the Willie and John and told them I’d text when we were leaving as we were meeting them at Jackton. Arriving at Jackton they both claimed to have been waiting for a while for our arrival. Not wanting to keep them standing about any longer we said off in the direction of Eaglesham and arrived at the traffic lights where the first of the climbs commenced. Willie and aye let the pack pushing up out of Eaglesham and onto the foot of the Moors where we decided to press on and get the other two at the top….. OK we ended up carrying on to the very end of the Moors to where the A77 starts and waited for their arrival.

Another cracking pedal was had, this time the rain decided to stay away but was replaced with a strong head wind at points. Again, like the Tuesday I felt very strong on the climbs and was well chuffed, especially since I’d been out the previous evening on the same route.

Feeling really strong at the moment and planning to get out at the weekend to get a longer pedal in to test the fitness over the greater distance.

All’s looking good and on track for my monthly goal of 250 miles, with only 10 miles left to bank this month!