Early Start!

ASBO was heading out this afternoon to catch up with some of his old work colleagues but was keen to get a 40 miler in before he went so we agreed a start time of 8.30am!

I woke at 6am and thought to myself, why on earth did I agree on an 8.30am start, having spent Thursday and Friday in Belfast for the darts! I headed downstairs and had a bowl of cereal before heading back into bed to catch an extra cheeky we hour!

That cheeky wee hour soon came and went so I forced myself out of bed and got changed into my cycling gear. ASBO arrived just before 8.30am, so I quickly sorted breakfast out for Callum who was now up and watching cartoons then ASBO and I set out.

It was a cold, wet and windy morning and the legs felt heavy, probably due to Thursday’s drinking session for the darts! We headed up Strathaven road into the wind of course, it doesn’t matter which direction we head we always get the wind in our faces!

We turned off Strathaven road and made our way along to attack Ardochrig which was tough but not as tough as I’d expected to be honest. From there we carried on heading to Darvel, Newmilns, Loudon, Galston, Moscow, Eaglesham and back into East Kilbride tallying up a grand total of 40.04 miles.

As we came into Ayrshire we were met with hailstones but thnkfully they were small and only lasted for a matter of seconds, unlike last weeks episode!

I nearly took a header in Jackton as I was doing around 5mph waiting for ASBO to catch up, I turned round to see where he was and somehow managed to lose my balance and nearly face planted the tarmac! Thankfully for both my good looks and pride, I managed to regain my balance some how, still don’t know how I managed it! Lol

Felt strong again today although the hills were tough in the strong winds which always seemed to be against us!

ASBO still sporting unpadded shorts but now with a jacket did really well once again.

Will try and get out for a wee leg spinner tomorrow. Hope the boys that are doing Balloch – Dukes Pass have a good one tomorrow and that the weather is kind to you!