Etape Caledonia 2017

Yes, I know it’s a little late, ok VERY late, but at last I’ve got round to writing the review on the 2017 Etape Caledonia.

As things have transpired it kooks like this will be the Warriors last edition of Etape Caledonia, it’s just getting too dear! This year the cost to enter was £86.00 and that was just for entry! We still had three nights accommodation, food and drink to pay for.

As what has been tradition we, Stevie Potter, Stevie Haining, Davie Mullin, Robbie Renfrew, Stu McNicol and myself, met on the Friday night and went for an Indian and a couple of pints before retiring to the larger of the two houses for some light refreshments. Another tradition was that far too much Jager would be drunk on the Friday night. This year was going to be different! Robbie and I agreed not to buy any Jager, removing the tradition of overindulging and feeling crap on the Saturday!

This may come of a surprise to you all but we managed to stay off the Jager! I never said I was staying off the buckie tho! Lol

Anyway a great night was had in the Warriors Sports Hub playing pool, darts table tennis and drinking to the small hours of the morning!

At some point on the Saturday we woke up, grabbed some breakfast and headed to the registration point to collect our race packs. With nothing else really to to we headed to the pub across the round from our digs for a couple of pints to pass the time before the rest of the riders started arriving in Pitlochry.

A few call offs meant the Warriors were in low numbers compared to previous years:

  1. Stu Russell
  2. Stevie Potter
  3. Robbie Renfrew
  4. Douglas Gillian – Honorary Warrior

As per tradition Davie Mullin turned up but didn’t ride the event, opting to go mountain biking with Stevie Haining on the Saturday instead before heading home. Stu McNicol made a guest appearance for the Warriors and I’m sure it won’t be long till we see him back out with us!

So with Si Bennet and Kev arriving it was time to fuel up for the main event. This is something that I missed last year thanks to drinking too much Jager! Stevie Potter’s sister had made 3 large lasange’s, while Gilly’s mum made a curry and some form of Foccia bread which went down an absolute treat!

With us all fueled up it was time to head back to our relative houses and prepare our bikes and kit for the early start the following morning, before retiring to bed.

Seemed like my head had just hit the pillow then the alarm went off, it was time, race day was here. Up I got had breakfast, kitted up then headed to the start line which was literally just outside our door!

Gilly, Si and Kev were in Wave A while the rest of us were in wave B. Before long we were off……… only 81 miles to go! You’ll know the route by now or if you don’t just read my previous Etape Blogs. I felt good and gained 24 Strava trophies, 5 of which were PB’s. Still not in my best shape but happy with the power I had, especially at the end, which I put down to the recent bike fit I had just days before with Scott over at Kinetic Coaching. I would highly recommend a bike fit, I was dubious about spending all that money but was worth every penny and can’t recommend Scott highly enough!

With everyone now safely finished it was time to head back to the accommodation and get my recovery drink!

After our recovery drinks and a shower we headed down to the Old Mill In to meet up with the rest of the boys for a bite to eat and a few refreshments while listening to the live band. Oh,
and a few well earned Jager Bombs were sunk…… just to keep us awake obviously!

So that was that, another Etape Caledonia over and done with for another year…….. well in our case over and done with period. Don’t panic tho we haven’t stopped our fundraising for the wonderful Beatson Cancer Charity, just looking at something different for next year. You can still help make a difference by making a donation no matter how small to Our Just Giving Page.

All that was left to do before we left on the Monday was to get tore into these tasty treats.