Etape Caledonia Sorted

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Well that’s the Etape Caledonia sorted…….. we’ve registered and booked accommodation! OK Stevie P sorted out the accommodation, he managed to get us booked into the Travelodge at Perth Broxden Junction. Means we only have a 25min journey on the morning of the event. Accommodation was essential as the event is all about pulling in people to the local area, therefore they insist that you have to register on the Friday or Saturday, while the event is actually on the Sunday…… pretty fly!

Stevie P managed to work his magic and charm and secure 4 rooms for 3 nights at a cost of £29.33 per head! Well I say he worked his charm but he booked it over the internet so you go figure! Better cut down on the slagging or the price of the room may well go up and I very much doubt that the next ride where he’s the route leader will be flat! If you didn’t know, Stevie has some twisted love for punishing hills…… one after another! Just ask Gilly, he’ll confirm it!

So we are all set for the trip to Pitlochry in May for this 81 mile route on closed roads, at a cost of £65 per person! Ouch!! This event always sells out very quickly and this year was no exception. 8 of the Warriors managed to get booked up, with Gilly leaving it too late and having to opt for one of the Charity places which invloves raising £300 for the entry!

When I say it’s all sorted, it is, well apart from the training, although that went underway Saturday just past when 6 of the Warriors hit the road to register the first miles of 2013. Come the 12th May we should all be ready for the Etape, especially since the week before we have the Scottish Bike Show Sportive! Those 65 miles should warm us up nicley for the Etape the following weekend!

Wee video from last years event to whet your appetite!