First Miles of Feb Banked

My goal for 2014 was to ride 250 miles or more a month and that target was met with ease in Jan. Sadly it looks like I’ll fall well short of that total this month, why, well I started the month being floored with the man-flu, no need to say anything ladies, you just don’t understand! Having managed to survive the deadly man-flu, just, I was then off to Budapest for 4 days for my future brother-in-laws stag-do, which involved 4 days of drinking and eating crap!

With the man-flu and stag-do out the way it was time to get back to the training so tonight was going to be the night! The usual batch of text messages were sent around the group with the usual lack of response or interest, even my usual partner in crime Stevie Potter had rejected my kind invitation of some pain on the hills. To be fair to Stevie he was away working in Aberdeen so I got the better deal to fair! Go cycling or be stuck in Aberdeen…… it’s a no brainer! Our resident fireman or to be politically, correct Firefighter Willie Rosling had shown a keen interest the previous evening but that soon changed after he’d spent the day in the freezing cold water doing water rescue training!

So that left me, myself and I…. Billy no mates! Due to having no mates I had to tell a couple of white lies, first being on the way home from work when on the phone to my mum. As we all know mum’s worry, even when you’re all grown up or supposed to be all grown up, so when she asked if I was going out with someone of course the answer was yes. The 2nd white lie wasn’t really a white lie as I rushed to get kitted up and out before my wife came back home from my eldest’s football training, therefore not having to explain to her that I was heading out over the dark Eaglesham Moors on my own.

Why is it when you are rushing nothing goes to plan? Already to go I was faced with my first issue, the dog! I tried for 20 mins to coax her into the house without success, the wee bugger ended up hiding behind the shed as she knows we can’t get her behind there! Starting to get stressed and angry I walked back out the house onto the decking with my cycling shoes on and proceeded to perform my best Bambi impression as my legs went from beneath me and I ended up crashing down on my back and elbows adding some new bruises to the collection. Thankfully I was wearing my helmet at the time! Think I’ll campaign for helmet wearing to become compulsory at all times! Lol

Battered and bruised I headed out the gate and jumped on the bike setting off on my solo ride. Having no-one to help keep the pace I set off on a fairly rapid pace arriving at Lindsayfield think I really need to pace myself better. As I was cycling at a decent pace along Stroud Road a number of cars passed me including a white van who I obviously promoted a threat to him as he decided for no reason to slam his horn on as he passed by! I was riding on my own, so there was no 2 or 3 abreast riding and I was tucked into the left hand side of the lane. The only explanation I can think is that he felt inferior being a fat unfit bastard stuck behind the wheel of a van travelling half a mile to pick up calorie ridden supplies and fags, while in front of him was a lean trim athlete!

Having managed to piss the fat van driver off with my athletic physique I arrived at Lindsayfield and off the main roads and calmed the pace down a little. Arriving at Jackton I started the small climb towards Eaglesham. Being all alone in the dark I imagined I was the breakaway rider, well clear of the pack, while in reality with it being dark it was more likely that I’d been dropped many hours ago, but hey, don’t burst my bubble, we can all dream can’t we!

Having reached Eaglesham I now commenced the 4 climbs, climbs which I’ve done many times before, only this time I was tackling them solo. The Eaglesham Moors can be a dark and lonely place at night so I got the head down and powered on only to be met with a strong headwind making the assault that little bit harder.

With the Moors out the way it was onto the A77 where I moved to the drops and powered along at 23-24 mph then back into Eaglesham before retracing my route back to my house.

It was good to be back on the bike and was pleased with the average speed of 15.7 mph considering it was my first miles of Feb, it was a solo ride, there was a fair amount of climbing and I was cycling into a headwind for a fair amount of the ride.

Before the ride I had calculated the number of days left this month and worked out I’d need to do 27.77 miles a day to reach the target of 250 miles for this month. Part of me wants to push myself to achieve this and the other part is saying don’t be stupid, no need to burn yourself out!

Next ride is planned for Saturday……. will it be another solo ride? Only time will tell.