First Pedal of Feb!

After yesterday’s pedal being cancelled due to the snow I was delighted to wake up this morning and see clear roads!

We had a 40 mile cycle planned for today so what do you do the night before a 40 mile cycle? Yes that’s right you head out to friends and get a Pizza Hut takeaway and sink several Nelson Mandela’s (Stella) followed by several Coors Light! I wasn’t holding out too much hope on a decent performance today, but boy was I wrong!

I left the house at 11.50am and headed to the entrance to Calderglen to rendezvous with the rest. After a short wait Ricky, Willie and Davie arrived, followed very shortly by Gilly. I had a nice flat half mile warm up to the meeting point, unfortunately Gilly wasn’t so lucky! He left his house and was faced with a steep hill and around 4 miles for his warm up!

After we all grouped up and finished up with the usual formalities of meeting your mates for the first time that day, we set off to the Sainsbury’s depot to meet Scott, or that’s what I thought we were doing! As we came to the roundabout we turned left and headed up Strathaven road, which was a new one to me as we should have gone straight through the roundabout to get to Sainsbury’s. There must be a cheeky wee shortcut that I didn’t know about. After climbing up past the Crutherland hotel it finally dawns on a couple of the boys that we were meant to get Scott at Sainsburys. We pull in further up the road and a quick call to Scott we arrange to meet him at the top of Ardochrig.

Further up Strathaven Road we swing a right and head up Millwell Rd then swing a left to start the long accent up Ardochrig. It was at this point that I discovered I was suffering no ill effect from last night training preperation, as I powered up to the top of Rig to find Scott at the top waiting for us! I can honestly say that it’s the very first time in all the years I’ve known Scott that HE was waiting on other people to arrive!

We regrouped at the top of Ardochrig and continued on our journey taking in the A71, Darvel, Newmilns, Galston, Loudon, A719, Moscow, Waterside, Kingswell, Eaglesham then back into East Kilbride.

We came across and conquered several decent climbs and a scary decent where it was that steep that I felt I was going to go over the handlebars at one point! Lol

All in all it was a great day, the conditions were near perfect, slightly damp under wheel but a nice crisp refreshing air.

All went incident free with no-one being on the receiving end of a puncture, which was very good going considering that as we turned onto Millwell road the farmer had been cutting the bushes/tress and the road was littered with tiny pieces of broken branch.

As we headed down the big hill at Eaglesham we came to the traffic lights at the cross roads and I stopped as they had turned to red, Ricky does a kamikaze and powers straight through them and Gilly being a wee bit more reserved bumped onto the pavement and skipped past them!

Just under 40 miles was the total of the day and a great effort by everyone! I personally felt very strong today powering up the hills, hopefully that will continue! Lol

I also managed to get to the bottom of a rather loud and annoying rattling noise coming from my bike as Willie pointed out that my cassette was loose! Not bad I’ve cycled over 71 miles with the cassette loose! Got it tightened up and the gears re-indexed when I got home so all good and raring to go next time.

Great day guys many thanks!

Look forward to reading Gilly’s blog, mainly because he puts pictures in his! Lol