First Ride of 2012 – Well Kind Of!

Completed my first ride of 2012 last night, it wasn’t as eventfull as Gilly, Si, Alan and Davie’s trip to Balloch. I didn’t have to deal with heavy rain, high winds and fallen tress on my ride, that was probably due to the fact that I was on the turbo trainer!

I had originally planned to head out on that surface they call tarmac to let the wind blow through my hair, but by the time my wife got back from the gym and got sorted it was 9.15pm. By this time the temperature was dropping closer to the freezing mark. Didn’t fancy dealing with black ice in the dark as I’ve previously experienced the demon that is black ice.

9.30pm struck and I was about to get the turbo out when I said to Gail, “I can’t be bothered getting the turbo out so I’ll give it a miss tonight”, with this I headed off to the kitched, opened the fridge door and pulled out an unopened chocolate orange I got for christmas. I got as far as banging the thing off the worktop surface, you know the drill, “Tap and Unwrap“. At this point I came to my senses and put it back into the fridge and headed out to the shed to bring the bike in! I’ve a 65 mile Sportive to train for so I gave myself a kick up the backside and got on the turbo.

I did 1hr Interval training:
5 mins @ zone 4 HR 148-166 bpm
1 min @ zone 5 HR 166-185 bpm
x 10 sets

This really is a sweat builder but I felt good after it and that chocolate orange is still in the fridge!

Hopefully get out with some of the boys for a pedal on the road tomorrow.