Frustrating Week!

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that I’m on a fitness / health kick at the moment. After an enjoyable Christmas and New Year, if you know what I mean, I need to shift some of the excess weight that’s attached itself to my waistline without my consent.

Having lost 2lbs the previous week I was feeling good and eager to see what the scales had to say this week. I was very confident that the scales would read what I wanted them to read as I’d been very good this week, watching my calorie intake, eating lots more fruit, replacing fizzy juice with water, going for a 1.8 mile walk round the park at lunch instead of sitting at my desk reading the paper, and all the sessions I’d put in on the TDF Bike.

Activity Calendar from 1st Jan to 23rd Jan
Activity Calendar from 1st Jan to 23rd Jan Showing my TDF Bike Sessions and Rides

As you can see from the activity calendar above I’ve been battering in the training.

So all was looking good, I was set to jump on the scales and see a 2lb plus loss this week…….. oh boy, how wrong was I.

Saturday morning is my weigh-in day, why, I don’t know it’s always been a Saturday, probably as I have a little more time in the morning. So on the scales I went this morning, excited to see that big loss and reap the benefits of my good week. Nope, it wasn’t to be!

I was very disappointed to see a loss of only 0.8lbs with my BMI only dropping by 0.1 and my BF also dropping by only 0.1%. I’m not going to lie, I was very dishearted and to be honest still am. I even stepped on the scales for a second time, just incase the reading was incorrect the first time….. nope it read the same.

Maybe I’m being a little hard on myself, after all I did lose weight and reduce both my BMI and Body Fat Percentage at the same time, just not as much as I though the effort merited.

Anyway chin or should that be chins up and carry on the good work and see what the results are next Saturaday!

Ready to Smash the Scales!
Ready to Smash the Scales!