Going Cross Country on a Road Bike!

Gail was getting her haircut this morning at 11.15am, the usual 3hrs that it seems to take for women to get their haircut, so an early pedal was out the question. I text ASBO but never heard back from him. 15 mins later he appeared at my door but unfortunately I was unable to accompany him, so I filled his backpack with a light & charger and a wireless computer with heart rate monitor. He bid me a fond farewell with his backpack full of newly acquired goodies!

I then text Scotty and Ricky to try and organise a pedal for around 2.30pm, as by that time Gail would have been back.

Ricky was unable to attend as he had wedding things to do today, fair play can’t really argue with that one but it certainly came close to being one of the best excuses I’ve heard from him but certainly not a patch on the shite Innes used to come out with!

So it was just me and Scotty, I know that should have read Scooty and I but it’s only grammar so get over it! Scotty offered to pick me up in the van and go to the Sainsbury’s depot where we’d set off. I kindly declined his offer and opted for doing the extra 3 miles or so on the bike, all miles are good mile and all that!

Anyway I set off on the road bike, wasn’t making the same mistake as last week and taking the hardtail, and met up with Scotty at the Sainsbury’s depot. From there we set off on our journey, making a stop off at the bike hub or shack or something like that. Basically it’s a man made hut thing off the back roads for the use of cyclists and is kitted out with chairs, a table complete with table cloth, cycle magazines and a fire/cooker thing. I was well impressed with the setup, but sadly didn’t get to meet anyone else apart from a guy who was up at the shooting range next door. I dread to think how many times I’ve passed by that place without know it was there!

After a short look around and me starting to panic as we had left our bikes at the side of the road, mine being a £1700 Carbon Fibre bike, don’t think the insurance company would have taken too kindly to me putting a claim in for a stolen bike that I left at the side of the road!

After doing a loop or so around Leaburn (I think that’s what the village was called), Auldhouse etc etc we arrived back at Scotty’s van. The light was starting to fade and Scotty didn’t have any lights, not that that would have mattered as my Lupine Tesla 5 is like a set of football floodlights! Lol

After topping up my fluid levels with Scotty’s juice as I left mine in the house, I set off to head home taking the long route to rack up a few extra miles.

At one point during the route Scotty suggested we take a left and further down the track I found myself on what can only be described as a cross country trail! It was muddy and was littered with more pot holes than I’ve ever seen in my life, which is surprising as I live in East Kilbride! To be fair to Scotty it looked like the track did once resemble a road, back in the 50’s! I slowed down and picked my line carefully watching Scooty a head of me to see which bits to avoid! Made it through without any incident thankfully!

Today was just a leg loosener for tomorrows pedal!

Bike Shack
Table & Chairs in the Bike Shack
Bike Shack
Bike Shack
Bike Shack
Bench & Sign Telling You to Take Your Litter Away with You
Bike Shack
Home Made Chimney Made out of an Old Metal Drum