Going Solo!

Before you start reading this blog post could you please go into your cupboard and get out your violin, if you don’t have one just use your invisible one………… I’m at the other end of this blog so I ain’t gonna see if it’s real or not!

Tonight’s usual Wed night pedal consisted of me and, well just me! (Cue first tune on the violin)

First off I’d like to apologise to the boys I usually go out with for a pedal for the poor company that I offer. It wasn’t until tonight when I was out myself that I realised how shite my company actually is! I didn’t even talk to myself, offer any form of encouragement etc ……… how bloody selfish!

Anyway I got home from work and the weather wasn’t that bad so I slipped into my lycra and headed out into the big bad world on my lonesome. (Cue 2nd tune on violin)

I reached Langlands depot and the heavens opened! As I carried on past the depot and down towards Bennett’s corner (the corner where Si introduced PAB to the farmer’s field), I was met with two tractors which I had to slow down and stop for while they allowed a car past. The tractors were going in my direction so I now had the most unusual pace maker and wheel to hold onto! The guy driving the tractor even stuck the rear spotlights on to light up the road for me! I followed the tractors along the long winding country roads hoping that they were going to lead me up Ardochrig but to my disappointment they swung a left just at the foot of the climb leaving me to tackle Ardochrig in the dark with the wind and rain driving into my face! (You konw the drill by now troops……. violin time)

Now that was one tough slog up Ardochrig getting battered left right and centre! I must admit before I turned the road to start the route towards Ardochrig I contemplated turning back as visibility was poor due to the driving rain. (Violin time troops) After a couple of cries of “NO SURRENDER” I carried on like a true Warrior!

At the top of Ardochrig I high five’d myself, well I didn’t have anyone else to high five did I?????? (Yip you got it, violin time again!)

From here I made my way along the usual route getting battered as I made my way along Strathaven Road, back onto the back roads, through Auldhouse and back to East Kilbride.

23.35 wet and windy solo miles completed with an average speed of 14.3 mph which I was really chuffed about considering the conditions.

It was good to see how strong my light is as I had 3 cars stop in the distance to let me pass on the back roads, obviously thinking I was more than a cyclist!

When I got home I had to wring out my waterproof socks and gloves, I had my waterproof overshoes on too!

So we all learnt something tonight………. I learnt that with a decent light the back roads ain’t that scary, well not now that Jimmy Saville isn’t around!  And you guys all learnt how to play the violin!

Full ride stats and route can be found here.