Gone with the Wind!

Gone with the Wind, the name of what some would class as a classic film. Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog, today was no classic cycle by any means!

As per the norm ASBO, Scotty and I had arranged to meet up at 10.30 for our weekly pedal with Ricky keeping his cards close to his chest, not committing to anything. The forecast was for wind, rain and gusts of up to 50mph, but what does batty boy Sean know!

Alarm goes off at 8.30am which signals time to get up, get some brekkie, phone ASBO to make sure he’s up and get kitted up. The first two steps went like clock work, the 3rd ended up with the usual call to ASBO with him sounding like he was chewing on an Arab’s sandal! After what appeared to be a foreign language from ASBO I concluded that he was not fit to drive, eh a wee bit of deja vu here, roll back to last week!

Anyway I got kitted up and headed out to pick up ASBO and his bike. A quick text to Ricky and no reply confirmed that he wouldn’t be attending this adventure. After sending a text to Scotty to say we were just leaving, he replied that he’d be there in 15mins. ASBO and I headed up to Sainsbury’s Depot to meet up with Scotty. The 2 miles to the depot was a tough 2 miles as we had to contend with the heavy rain, high winds and then the hailstones, which was not good for ASBO as he had decided that jackets were for poofs! Oh boy I was a warm and dry poof, while ASBO was a wet and freezing manly man!

Having arrived at our meeting point with Scott and his van no-where to be seen we thought he’d bottled it due to the weather, but sure enough he turned up well after his allotted 15mins! Not to worry he was here now and we could now set off, couldn’t we……….. No we couldn’t! Scotty got out his van and announced that he may not be able to join us as his bike was eh….. not working properly! He used a more colourful explanation but as I’m writing this blog post before the water shed I’ll keep it clean.

After a quick inspection of his bike and wading thoruh the rust, I established that his front derailleur had shifted round at the bracket. A quick fix with an allen key and we were eventually on our way.

Got to had it to the Batty boy Sean, he was spot on for once with his weather forecast! We were battered with rain, wind and hail from the off! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a negative number on my cycle computer as we appeared to be going backwards at times! Very quickly it became obvious that it would be safer to head back as the gusts were getting stronger and we nearly ended up in the farmers field a few times. ASBO by this point was shivering and had absolutely no objection to calling it a day!

We headed back to Scotty’s van and he gave ASBO a lift back to Busby. At this point I called Ricky who had obviously just woke up to see if I could persuade him into heading out for a few miles, but to no avail! I then decided to head back home the long way to bag a few extra miles. As I neared my home the wind appeared to die down so I decided to take the slip road onto the Queens Way and rattle up a good few miles, that decision was short lived as I was nearly blown into the path of passing cars. A quick spin round the round-a-bout and I has back on the route home.

Ended up with a measly 12.19 miles on the clock! I don’t get out my bed for any less than 20 miles these days, but hey it felt like 20 miles with that wind!

Got another pedal organised early doors with Scotty tomorrow so hopefully the weather will be kinder to us.

Sadly Stevie has decided to withdraw from the 65 mile Sportive as he’s concentrating on his marathon training. We wish him well for his personal projects and I’m sure Stevie will make a kind donation to show support for those of us remaining.