Good Luck Ian Appleby

qhubeka-logoThe Whitelee Warriors would like to wish Ian Appleby, aka @Moses_Dad all the best with his latest fundraising adventure, Around the World in Five Days. Ian is a good friend and supporter of the Whitelee Warriors and is rasing money for his chosen charity Qhubeka.

Ian tells us on his blog when he’s raising money for Qhubeka:

By supporting Qhubeka we are helping thousands of children to access education and enable them to achieve their potential. My view is that these children will go on and make a difference and a positive impact, not only to their families and local communities, but also to their towns, cities and countries.

Of those children, there will be some who go on to become entrepreneurs, pioneers and innovators in fields such as health, technology, education and business, whose influence will go beyond the continent of Africa and will benefit the whole world, including you and I!

Qhubeka will have helped facilitate such amazing work and you and I will have contributed to that wonderful process by supporting them, that’s why I’m riding for Qhubeka.

Ian’s challenge involves cycling over 450 miles in four days, covering five countries, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Southern Irealnd and Wales. His schedule looks like this:

  • 23/08/15 – Preston to Dumfries @ 126 miles
  • 24.08.15 – Dumfries to Cairnryan
  • Ferry to Belfast – Belfast to Lisburn @ 90 miles cycling
  • 25/08/15 – Lisburn to Dublin
  • Ferry to Holyhead @ 100 miles cycling – 26/08/15 – Holyhead to Preston @ 142 miles

We wish you all the best on your challenge Ian and hope you raise loads of money for your wonderful charity.

If anyone would like to help Ian out and make a donation you can do on his Given Gain fundraising page.