Halloween Horrors

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday, the day of our usual mid week ride, Gail wouldn’t let me out in my lycra in case I scared the kids so the usual mid week pedal was moved to the Tuesday.

Apart from the change in day everything else remained the same………. left my house at 6:45pm, usual 23 mile route and usual participants…….. me and Stevie Potter!

Now Tuesday was one wild night, the rain battered down and the winds were strong and were getting stronger by the minute! While Stevie and I thought we were brave our respective partners used other words…… stupid, crazy, mental and no doubt a few stronger words too!

Not really much more to say apart from the fact we got battered by the wind and rain all night long and I discovered that my waterproof gloves in fact are NOT waterproof!

Total of 23.24 miles completed with an average speed of 12mph which is not bad considering the horrible conditions!

Full route and ride stats