Happy Birthday!

Today marks a special occasion, a 1st birthday, not just any 1st birthday, but the 1st birthday of the Beatson Cancer Charity.

It’s hard to believe that the Beatson Cancer Charity is 1 year old today, yet on the other hand it seems like they’ve been on the go for a lot longer! The reason for that I’m sure is due to the hard work and heavy advertising they’ve done in the past year, they really have made the charity pretty much a household name!

From buses to taxis, underground stations to roadside billboards, television to radio, you must’ve heard of the Beatson Cancer Charity and the work they do.

We started fundraising for the Beatson when the Charity was Friends of the Beatson some 3 years ago. In the year they have been going we’ve noticed a huge improvement and expansion with the two charities merging, more noticeably when we just ordered New kit, only to find out that the Friends of the Beatson was no more and the Beatson Cancer Charity was born, along with a new logo which wasn’t on our kit! Lol

For those who’ve visited our website before you’ll have noticed that in the past couple of months it’s had a revamp to reflect the colours of our adopted charity. We also have new team kit arriving on Tuesday, again in the Beatson colours and proudly displaying their logo on our arms, spreading the word.

No birthday cards are required but why don’t you make a small donation to the Beatson Cancer Charity, even the price of a birthday card? Doesn’t matter how small the donation, it all adds up and makes a difference. You can make a donation on our Just Giving Page.

Just to finish off I’d like to personally congratulate all those involved at the Beatson and the Beatson Cancer Charity for being so successfully in the space of only 12 months! From volunteers, nurses, doctors, cleaners to the patients themselves, you’re all a credit to the centre and charity.