Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Well that’s the door closed on an eventful year and the door opened on a new and probably equally eventful year.

I would like to firstly take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and All The Best for 2015! Also a big thank you to all that supported us in 2014 and to each and everyone who made a donation to our fundraising efforts for our adopted charity the Beatson Cancer Charity. At the time of writing this blog post I’m just waiting on the final cheque for £100.00 to come in then the 2014 fundraising page will be closed at a whopping £4,000!

The 2014 page may be closed but don’t panic as with the closure of that page will see the opening of the 2015 page! We have now raised just over £9,000 for the Beatson Cancer Charity in the past 3 years, before the gift aid is added, something that each and everyone of us are rightfully proud of!

2014 saw alot of hard work yet laughs all the way with the usual faces and a couple of new faces in the shape of Ally Menzies and Robbie Renfrew who have come on board in recent months.

It’s not only a couple of new riders that have come on board at the end of last year, we have a new kit supplier in the shape of The Cycle Jersey who have helped us with a completley new design, incorporating the Beatson Cancer Charity colours of black and yellow or yellow and black depending on which way you look at it! I’m ready to place an order with with them and look forward to hitting the road in our new kit spreading the word and awareness of the Beatson Cancer Charity.

On a personal note it’s been a great year cycling with my 2014 goal of 3,000 miles being achieved. Not all the events I entered went to plan but you learn from your mistakes and it’s what you take from them that makes you stronger. As a whole I can honestly say I’ve seen a huge improvement in the ability and fitness of all who’ve participated in the sportives, training rides and trips away.

We’ve also had a few great social events with the most recent being our annual visit to Spice in East Kilbride, one of our sponsors. Abby the owner and his family always look after us and are great supporters of us and our fundraising.

For the 2015 season we’ve also secured three new sponsors in the shape of Gadget Doctor Scotland, BSL and Isle Bay Limited. A huge thank you to Spice, IWS and Big Bobble Hats who have all come back on board to support us for yet another year!

I’ve met and made a whole lot of new friends through cycling and our fundraising efforts. Paul and his wife Lou have become what I’d class as good friends and are always very supportive and willing to help us out with our fundraising events. Paul was treated at the Beatson and openly admits if it wasn’t for the centre he wouldn’t be here today. In around 30 days time Paul and Lou will become parents again and I personally would like to wish them all the best from myself and all the Whitelee Warriors.

Twitter has also provided a source of support, laughter, banter and advice from guys such as @Moses_Dad @AdeManning @TheIron_Bear @OnTheHoods @BackOnTrack @Pauloatham and many more. Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out. Plans are already being made for a meet up and pedal with the Twitter guys. Bit of a logistical headache as we all come from different corners of the UK!

A few new challenges as well as a few of the usual ones will keep us on the bike in 2015. April sees a weeks cycling in Mallorca, which I’ll be attneding for the first time this year and thouroughly looking forward to! Gilly also has his eyes and the Warriors eyes set on tackling the toughest climb in Britain, so that should be interesting! Lol

Well that’s all for the moment but keeping checking back to see what we’re upto and I may even manage to get another couple of the boys to do some blog posts……. you never know!