Holiday Over, Time to Get Tore into the Training

After a great week at Center Parcs with Gail, the boys and my mother-in-law it’s time to get tore back into the training and get in shape for the Mallorca trip in April.

My legs were kept ticking over with the various activities we participated in along with cycling everywhere with my eldest on my mountain bike. Hey, I even managed to snap my chain I was putting that much power into the cranks!

The other flip side of the coin was that I ate like a king or a pig depending on how you look at it, and came home a little heavier than I left so I really needed to knuckle back down and get rid of the excess.

Some of the delicious dishes had on holiday.

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The plan was to head out for a pedal with Stevie Potter this morning to try and burn off some of the previous weeks calorie intake. Stevie had been away to Spain on holiday so he was also looking to burn a few calories.

The forecast wasn’t looking good so we’d made a provisional plan to hit the gym if it was as wild as it was supposed to be, and guess what, it was! I awoke to high winds and torrential rain and a text from Stevie confirmed we’d be hitting the gym rather than the road. Doubt we’d be able to stay upright on the bikes in that weather!

I had a quick look at what classes were on and spotted a Spin Class at 11am with spaces available so we booked in for that. This was going to be my very first spin class.

Stevie picked me up at 10:30am which was actually 10:45am and we headed to the gym and prepared ourselves for what lay ahead. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the spin class and was made to work! The sweat was pouring off me but that’s good, right?

With the 45 minute class over with in a flash Stevie suggested we did a virtual cycle as the spin studio was free so off we headed for a further 50 mins cycling through France, Austria and America. Not bad in just 50 mins!

As I type my legs are hurting! They didn’t seem too bad at the time but as the day’s gone on they’ve got worse! Lol

So there we are, the winter training has started in earnest!