Ice Ice Baby!

Last night I arranged with Ricky and ASBO to meet at mine at 10am then we’d head off to Sainsbury’s to get Scott. Things didn’t look good last night when I headed off to bed, the frost had already taken grip of the cars and the roads.

I got myself up before my 9am alarm and got kitted up and squeezed down a bowl of cereal before heading out. Having opened the blinds and looking out the window I was presented with a lovely clear morning, only thing was the place was covered with frost! Gail set out at 9.30am to scrape her car as she was taking Callum to his rugby. I had arranged to head out in the morning as I promised that I’d spend the afternoon with Gail and the boys as I was out all last weekend on the bike and yesterday afternoon too. Thought it was only fair that the boys got to see who their daddy was before they forgot what he looked like!

Anyway I decided to scrape the car and head out on a recce of the route to check on the icy levels. If there had been any cars behind me they would have phoned the police thinking I was a drunk driver as I slammed on the brakes at various locations to check out the grip of the road surface. It wasn’t looking good, there was a lot of black ice about and having fallen victim to black ice in the past I decided to pull out of the cycle. After a quick phone call to ASBO relaying the details of my recce, he too decided that it would be safer to give it a miss. Bear in mind he managed to come off his bike the other week in dry non-icy conditions in front of a large group of women, so what chance would he have with black ice! Ricky decided that he was going to give it a bash anyway and get some miles under his belt as he missed yesterday’s cycle due to wedding commitments.

I headed back home and setup the turbo trainer and blasted an hours interval training on it.
5 mins @ HR Zone 4 148-166 bpm
1 min Sprint @ HR Zone 5 166-185 bpm
X 10 Sets

Boy that was a tough training session, the toughest part was seeing my Crabbies and Jack Daniels & Coke from last night  pour out of my forehead and onto the floor below me! I can’t believe they’d do such a thing, last night we were all the best of buddies then next morning they want to get out of me as quick as possible and leave without even a goodbye!

Crabbies & JD
My Crabbies and Jack Daniels & Coke from Last Night!

Whoever thinks you don’t take get a good work out from a Turbo Trainer should check out the pic below! Apart from being a handsome face, my mum told me I was handsome so it must be true, it is a face that has just undergone an hour’s beasting on the turbo trainer! Oi who said “Baw Face“??

Turbo Trainer Beasting
Slightly Knackered after Turbo Trainer Session!

I’m definitely getting fitter and stronger as I had to work harder to get into the correct HR Zone and once the minute Sprint was finished I dropped my heart rate quickly and found myself being under the target rate for Zone 4!