In Good Shape

With Gail getting her haircut yesterday it meant that this weeks pedal was shifted to today. With Big Davie pulling out early this morning, still excited about seeing pumping history, it was down to Gilly, Stevie Potter, Si, Andy and myself to hit the road.

Si was down visiting from Stonehaven so made a guest appearance with the Warriors.

We met at mine at 9am and set off with the intention of heading to the boundry, turning round and coming back as Si and Gilly had to be back for midday as their respective partners wanted to go shopping! Personally I think it was to do with part of their bail conditions, but I’m not one to start rumors! 😉

Andy Bennet was joining us until Strathaven where he was meeting his mate and as he put it, “Going for a proper ride“. Can’t argue with that. We headed to Langlands and took the detour through Auldhouse and up over Ardochrig. Felt really strong on the climb over Ardochrig and Stevie and I slipped away from the others and tamed the beast that is Ardochrig! Stevie and I managed to knock 52 seconds off our time compared to the last climb of Ardochrig! Well chuffed with that. The 6am turbo sessions and weight loss is helping big time on the climbs.

From Ardochrig we headed down into Strathaven and as we were on the long straight heading into Strathaven Andy shot past us onto the front shouting, “it’s just in case wee John’s watching“.

We left Andy and headed onto the Muirkirk Road and only managed a short distance when Stevie and I noticed that Gilly’s rear tyre was on the soft side. We pulled in and set about changing the tube then the fun and games began trying to inflate the bloody thing with CO2. Gilly tried his CO2 canister and dispenser to no avail, so Stevie took a look at it and said that it wasn’t working and that he’d need to discharge the canister. Don’t know exactly what he did, but a few seconds later there was a loud band and the CO2 canister shot up into the air and landed in the middle of the road! Could have been a nasty one if it had hit one of us or a passing car. Next up Stevie tried his CO2 canister and again his failed to do the job so I stepped upto the plate with my Lezyne pump and attached the CO2 and duly inflated the tyre with ease!

Puncture Time
Puncture Time

Ironic that Gilly needed to be back for noon and he’s the one that gets the puncture! Lol

15 mins later we headed back off along Muirkirk road where we struggled head on into the wind, taking ½ mile spells on the front (including me!). We were near the boundry when it was decided that we should turn back as Gilly and Si would struggling to be back in time if we went any further. The return journey along Muirkirk road was far more enjoyable with us reaching speeds of 23+ mph.

Gilly was suffering from DOMS (Google it as I can’t be arsed writing a description for it), and was starting to struggle, which is not like him. A climbing session on Friday and a turbo session yesterday had taken it’s toll on his legs!

We powered on and headed home through Strathaven and onto the Strathaven road where I shot out from the back of the peloton to the front, yes you heard that right, I said the front, letting everyone know that I had voluntarily moved to the front! Not sure where all this wheel hugging tag I’ve been attached to came from. Anyway we blasted it averaging 23+ mph along Strathaven road and into East Kilbride returning to my house.

All in all it was a great wee 36.25 mile pedal and I felt very strong. We managed an average speed of 14.5 mph which I’m hoping meets with Willie’s approval! Great effort today lads, looking forward to Wednesday nights pedal.


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  1. Willie says:

    Nice to see some people were fit enough to get out. My ave this week was 0 and I was not moving from my bed. Good to see the ave going up lads . On track for the sportive s

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