January Review

With a blink of an eyelid January has passed by and we’re already a week into February!

For 2014 I’d set a target along with Gilly, to get 250 miles into the legs each month, whether that be out on the road, on the turbo or a mixture of both. I made my target easily in January racking up 313.71 miles and 18 hrs 38 mins and 32 secs in the saddle!

It all started well on New Years day with a cheeky 42.29 miler under the belt with Stevie Potter followed up by several turbo sessions and a triple loop of the Eaglesham Moors.

Happy to have smashed my target for January but would’ve liked to have managed more miles on the roads but the harsh Scottish weather didn’t allow for that sadly!

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Could be struggling to meet February’s target as it’s the shortest month of the year and I haven’t managed any cycling this week at all due to having a deadly strain of the man-flu! *Women please don’t comment, you just don’t understand!

I also have the small matter of my future brother-in-law’s stag-do in Budapest 13th-16th Feb which writes off any cycling over that period so it’s going to be a hard one meeting my target!