Just Ordered the Garmin Edge 810

After humming and hawing for about, eh, well for 5 mins anyway, I took the plunge and ordered myself the new Garmin Edge 810! If you can’t treat yourself then who can you treat? After all I’m worth it!!!

A combination of SkyBet, selling my Kindle and selling my Garmin Edge 705 funded the new toy. Boy I can’t wait for it to arrive, it looks awesome and a huge upgrade from 705. Had contemplated upgrading a while back to the 800 but there just wasn’t enough new features to justify it, so along came the 810 and I’m hooked! You know what I’m like with new gadgets and Gizmos.

I haven’t sold my 705 yet, I’m waiting on the 810 arriving before I release my old unit to a bidding frenzy. I am however, seriously considering just donating the 705 to Alan McKee so that he’ll be able to navigate his way out of his house and onto his bike again!

The feature I’m eagerly awaiting to try out is the “Live Tracking” where I can send a link or post a link on social media pages and the less active people of the world can sit on their arses and track my workout live, following my route and ride stats as they happen. This feature will be very useful for the Sportives I’m doing this year as family and friends can track my progress along with anyone who’s sponsored me.

Anyone looking to buy my Garmin Edge 705 Road Performance bundle get in touch and we’ll thrash out a price. Mates rates can be applied and the better the mate the better the rate……. why don’t you all ask me for a price then go and confer with each other to find out how you’re all ranking in my mates leader board! 😉

Included in the bundle is the 705 unit, heart rate monitor, cadence sensor (brand new and unopened), two bike mounts, charge, data cable and instructions.

Watch the videos below for a wee teaser on what on offer with the New Garmin 810: