Last Pedal as a 37yr Old

Last Wednesday, 18th March, saw a landmark in my life, the last ever cycle I’d do as a 37 year old! Sharing this momentous occasion was Gilly and Stevie Potter.

We had planned on the StuTape, what better way to mark the occasion than with the route named after myself! The sun had been shining during the day and it was a lovely evening as we set off at 7pm. So much so that I thought I’d treat the world to a glimpse of my naked legs! Let me clear something up here, it was just my legs that were naked, I did have my shorts on!

Stevie started the night off discovering that the batteries had run out in his rear light. Stu to the rescue as I headed back into the house to retrieve a set for him.

With the new batteries in the light and confirmation that the light was now working we headed off but only managed little under half a mile when the battery pack from Stevie’s main light detached itself from the frame and bounced onto the road, resulting on Gilly running over it! Stevie turned back and retrieved it but it was too little too late as Gilly’s bike and damaged the battery pack and it was no longer working.

Que Stu to the rescue again as I handed Stevie my main front light, and left myself with my helmet light.

All went to plan for a short time as we arrived in Eaglesham and commenced the climbing out over the Moors. As we crested the Moors we hit the decent off the back and sped down it. We approached the flat bit and knowing the condition of the road surface I pulled out onto the other side of the road but failed to miss the rough chopped up section, resulting in a rear puncture.

The temp had now dropped to -3°. Thankfully I haven’t hit the leg shaving stage and my hairy legs offered a degree of warmth.

We set about changing the punctured tube and just as we had finished, packed away the stuff and about to set off Stevie picked his bike up and discovered that he also had a rear puncture!

One thing I will say, two cars stopped to check that we were ok. One was a lady on her own so much appreciation for that! The other was a guy with a small child in the back. Just goes to show that there are decent people in the world! Several cars did however speed past without a second thought!

With Stevie’s puncture repaired we set off towards the A77 and stopped at the top of the road as Gilly and I were really feeling the cold on our heads. I was suffering from brain freeze, I kid you not! We stopped and put on our skull caps.

It was at this point that we make the executive decision to turn round and head back as the temp had really dropped and with the added time for changing the inner tube we weren’t sure how much battery life we had left in our lights!

At this point Stuart Munro rounded the corner and we joined him in cycling back over the Moors and back home.

So there you have it, my last cycle as a 37 year old didn’t quite go to plan! Gilly the competitive one of the group was raging as Stevie and I both got punctures and he didn’t get one! He was trying everything he could on the way back to puncture both tyres but was unsuccessful! Lol.