Last Pedal Before the Big One!

Wednesday night had come around again and yet again the numbers had dwindled with just myself, Stevie and Shaun stepping up to the plate to represent the Warriors!

ASBO was working, Gilly had opted for a weeks winter training in Spain and not sure what happened to the rest.

When I arrived home from work in the car Stevie was already sitting outside my back gate, but in his eagerness to arrive early he’d forgotten to lift his helmet and had to head back to Chapelton to pick it up.

I got changed and Shaun then appeared at the gate, shortly followed by Stevie and his helmet.

Stevie had turned up with his winter stead which was decked out with more lights than the Phillips Light factory in Hamilton! There was no danger of him not being seen when the night sky darkened. He’d treated himself to a couple powerful rechargeable lights from Taiwan. They had only just arrived that day so after a three week wait for them they were now out on their virgin outing!

We set off and did the usual Wed night route with Shaun continuing along Strathaven road while we turned off. He didn’t have lights with him so wanted to head back before it got dark.

Stevie decided to show off his Christmas tree bike flashing all his lights even before it got dark, this would later prove to be a costly mistake……….. he even had bloody indicators on lights that fitted into his bar ends!

Just as we were approaching Leaburn the batteries in Stevie’s lights went dead and he was without light! They had only just arrived that day and he didn’t have a chance to charge them, well that and playing about with then  when it wasn’t dark didn’t help Lol.

Not to worry my powerful light lead us both home safely.

Felt good tonight although it was a more relaxed pace as we were wanting to preserve our legs for Sunday.

So that was my only pedal this week as I took the car to work to rest my legs for the big event this Sunday……….. Glasgow to Edinburgh taking in 110 miles in the process! Really looking forward to it and feeling fit and strong so fingers crossed it all goes to plan.