Long Time No Speak

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but not as long as some people! It’s been a busy spell with homers, taking Callum to his football and rugby and training! I’ll mention more on the training side later.

my-bike-featuredAlthough I haven’t posted on here for a while I have been out on my bike and I have to say I’m loving the Shimano Ultegra Di2 setup! Fast, smooth and efficient gear changes on demand, what more could one ask for?! I’m hanging on as long as I can, using the Di2 bike before she gets tucked away for winter, she actually has a name, Ellie, and she has feelings you know!

When the winter kicks in for real Cubie will make a reappearnce. What was once the pinnacle of my rides has now become the winter bike, complete with carbon frame and Dura-Ace components it’s one of the highest specked “Winter” bikes you’re likely to see on the roads this winter!

Don’t worry Cubie hasn’t been neglected, she has been used and abused on the turbo in the mornings. Trust worthy as ever she replies to my 6am calls and performs to the best of her ability, being soaked in sweat in the process by the half naked 37 year old that’s straddled over her curves.

The past 4-5 weeks I’ve really been beasting the 3LC Turbo Sessions and have also been battering in Spin classes twice a week on a Tuesday and Friday at 6:15am! May sound weird to say this but I’ve really enjoyed it and have noticed a big difference in my climbing during my past 2 rides over the Eaglesham Moors. I have become much stronger and my cardio has improved so all in all it’s been a successful time. Seeing the results spurs you on to keep up the hard work, well that and our Winter Training Camp in Mallorca in April. I’ve heard there’s the odd hill over there so want to make sure I’m in the best shape to tackle them!

Spin Class Cartoon

On the Sponsor front things have been crazy, we’ve smashed last year’s total and still have money to come in, all of which goes to our adopted chartity the Beatson Cancer Charity to help them in their fight against the horrible diesase that is cancer. So far this year we have raised £3,475.00 with at least another £200 pledged from a couple of our sponsors.

This year we’ve welcomed new sponsors, Isle Bay Limited, Gadget Doctor Scotland and BSL. A huge thank you to our new sponsors for coming on board and helping us raise money for the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Not forgetting our exisiting sponsors Spice, Big Bobble Hats and Integrated Water Services for their continued support and donations.

After the disasters of last seasons ill fitting and poor quality kit we’ve gone with a local firm called The Cycle Jersey who will be assisting in the design of our new kit and are also tasked with producing it. The owner Brian used to be the Managing Director of Endura so has a vast knowledge of the industry and I’m sure we’ll be working togther for many years to come.

Logos and design ideas have been sent over to them and we’re just awaiting some mock-ups being produced for approval before proceeding with an order. Keep checking back as we’ve gone for something a little different this year.

A huge thank you to all those who’ve supported us this year and throughout the past 3 years. Your encouragement and donations have inspired us to keep going. Our Just Giving Page is still open and will be till the end of the year so if you’ve any loose change then please think about those fighting their battle with Cancer. Every little makes difference!

That’s all for now folks but keep checking back to see how we’re progressing!