Mallorca Hangover

With Mallorca a mere distant memory, I get round to writing that blog soon, it was time to head back out on the road in preparation for the Etape Caledonia, a week on Sunday.

Last night saw a return to the StuTape, a far cry from the smooth roads and high temperatures of Mallorca just a few days previous! Bib Shorts and jersey were replaced with bib-tights, bib-shorts, base layer, jersey, rain jacket, two pairs of socks and winter gloves! Chris and Robbie would be my partners in crime for the ride.

Robbie commented on how I’d be flying up the hills after all the climbing I’d done in Mallorca, I wasn’t too sure and that turned out to be the case! As we set off I was flying with ease on the flats and bumps in the road, but as we reached Eaglesham and the first of the climbs I hit a brick wall, my chest was all over the place, I had a stitch and my legs were like lead!

How could this be? Just days earlier I’d smashed three mountains to get to the main climb which was Sa Calobra, then tamed that beast, well to a degree! Lol

I had to stop and take a puff of my inhaler it was that bad. It looked more like Chris and Robbie had been the one away to Mallorca as they flew up the climbs!

I must admit I was a little down again then a post from Euan stating he’d only managed 45 mims on the bike before chucking it as his legs felt like they were going to explode on the climbs. This made me feel a little better.

Still frustrating as I thought I’d be back and flying up the Moors after the climbs I’d done in Mallorca. Could it be that I’m a warm weather cyclist?

I’m putting it down to a Holiday Hangover and “Leg Lag”, my adaption of jet lag. Looks like 408.4 miles over 6 days in Mallorca took it’s toll on my legs, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!!

Time to leave that one in the past and move on.