McAlpine’s Mega Marathon

Saturday saw the Warriors take on a different role, a supportive role. Stevie Potter, Alan MacKee (Yes I did say Alan MacKee) and myself headed out to support an amazing lady, Carolyn McAlpine!

Carolyn is an ambassador for the Beatson Cancer Charity who we first met back in 2014 at the Beatson Cancer Charity Annual Sporting Dinner. Take a read of the blog post from that night and how we met Carolyn, it’s well worth a read if I don’t say so myself!

Carolyn McAlpine
Carolyn McAlpine

Sadly Carolyn and her sister have suffered more heartache due to the horrible disease Cancer than anyone should have to suffer, losing her mum, dad and auntie with the space of a few years. All this heartache made Carolyn a very determined young lady, determined to make a difference and help those fighting this dreaded disease.

anybody who knows Carolyn knows that she doesn’t do things in halves! Carolyn loves running, that may change after her latest challenge tho, the challenge she has named McAlpine’s Mega Marathon.

What’s McAlpine’s Mega Marathon I hear you ask? Well going back to what I was saying earlier about her not doing things by half, she decided to complete 15 marathons in 15 days!!!! What a challenge that is! I’ve never ran one marathon in my life never mind 15 in 15 days!

Please take a moment to have a look at Carolyn’s Just Giving Page and read her story which details her whole challenge and why she’s taken this challenge on.

Saturday was day 8 of her mammoth challenge which would see her take to the streets of South Lanarkshire and pass through Eaglesham and climb up over the Moors to the wind farm. With the Moors being on our back door the least we could do was go and support Carolyn up over the Moors, a challenging climb on the bike never mind on feet!

The original timings was that Carolyn would be reaching Eaglesham around 10:15 – 10:30am. Stevie and Alan popped round to mine at 9:45am and we made our way to Eaglesham on what was a lovely, albiet chilly morning. After a short wait at Eaglesham Cross we decided to head along Busby road to keep warm and meet Carolyn coming our way. We stopped off at Busby road to check Carolyn’s page to see if there were any updates on her progress, worried that we may have missed her. All was good, she had opted for a slightly later start than initially scheduled.

About half a mile further down the road we met Carolyn coming in our direction so pulled into a side street and waited for her. Carolyn soon joined us and off we went keeping her company for the journey through Eaglesham, up Montgomery Street, which is a climb itself and then over the Moors to the Windfarm.

Not from the area Carolyn left the route planning to someone else, someone who was in the support car and not running up the hills! Lol

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It was good to catch up with Carolyn face to face, we’ve kept in touch thru social media but it’s nice to get a proper catch up, if you can call her running 15 marathons in 15 days and us joining for a mere couple of miles a proper catch up! Lol

As I publish this blog post Carolyn has just completed day 10 and only has 5 days left! I say only but you know what I mean.

You can keep upto date with Carolyn’s progress via the channels below:
Just Giving Page:

All the best Carolyn with your final 5 days! Enjoy what is a well deserved bottle or 12 of bubbly on Saturday!