Monthly Donation

Today I decided to make a monthly donation to the Beatson Cancer Charity, well to be honest I’ve decided for a couple of weeks now but just got round to getting the ball rolling.

I’ve decided to pop £5.00 into our Just Giving Page each month and have just added January & February’s donation. Yes I know, £5.00 is not a lot, but it is something, and quickly builds up. Hopefully I’ll be able to up that amount later on but at the moment it’s better than nothing.

about the beatson cancer charity

We are committed to the fight against cancer in a wide variety of ways – from patient wellbeing to the funding of treatment, care and research. We will ensure that the Beatson is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading cancer centres and in doing this will further enhance the overall experience of all current and former patients and their families during their time at the Beatson.

Together we can beat cancer. Together we are the Beatson.

I personally have visited the centre twice and been shown around and was blown away with the place along with the work they do and support they offer. If you have any spare change please consider making a donation to them. Sadly these days we all know somebody directly or indirectly that’s battling or has battled cancer. Doesn’t matter how small the donation, it all builds up!

You can make a donation on our Just Giving Page.