New Job, More Cycling

That’s me been in my new job at Sprockets Cycles for just over two weeks now and enjoying it. I was a bit unsure how I’d get on with working one day of the weekend every week after having every weekend off for so long but it’s not that bad, it has it advantages.

Currently I work every Sunday which which means I have a Saturday and Wednesday off every week. I’ve been making the most of my Wednesdays off by heading out on the bike. Both Wednesdays now I’ve been out on the bike and really enjoyed getting back into it.

Wednesday 1st February I did the Stewarton run, 37.5 miles. I’m not going to lie it was a tough run after being out the previous evening with Robbie tackling the StuTape. So that was the Tuesday night I tackled the Eaglesham Moors then again on the Wednesday morning. Was good to get some decent miles in the legs but it also highlighted the length of the break I’d had!

Somewhere After Stewarton

My next solo session out on the bike was Wednesday 8th Feb. This time my legs were fresher as I wasn’t out the night before with Robbie due to the wild weather we’ve being having. The Kilmarnock run was the order of the day with me once again tackling the Eaglesham Moors before heading along the A77 into Fenwick, onto Kilmarnock, Newmilns then up over Louden Hill before dropping over the back of Ardochrig and back home.

A total of 45 miles with 4 PB’s to boot! Not a bad few hours in the saddle, felt stronger and really enjoyed it.

Louden Hill Selfie

I was asked to work this Wed (15th Feb) as one of the boys was off for the week, in return I got an extra day of last week, the Friday. So what do you do on your day off when your wife is at work and the kids are at school?…….. Yip you got it, you go out on your bike!

I was planning on getting another 40 miler in but it was a cold and frosty day, -1°c to be exact! I left it a little later to set off to allow for the ice to melt. The StuTape was the chosen route while keeping a watchful eye on the weather! It was trying it’s best to snow as I set off and the closer I got to the famous Eaglesham Moors the darker it got!

I considered whether I should tackle to Moors or not as it looked very grey and angry in that direction and I was worried it may be snowing up there. Nevertheless I carried on thinking that I could always turn back if needed. Turned out to be fine, just freezing but thankfully no snow!

26.5 miles later and I was back home, that was enough for that weather! About 5mins after arriving back at the house the snow storm started so I made the right decision sticking to the shorter route.

A Tad Chilly -1°c

I’m actually going to miss my Wednesday pedal this week but normal service will resume next week!