Next up for the Warriors

Next up on the Sportive calendar for the Warriors is the Round Strathaven 50, a 50 mile cycle round Strathaven and surrounding villages such as Sandford, Glassfors, Chapelton and Auldhouse.

Don’t let the distance dupe you into thinking this is one of the easier events for us, this route has proven in the past to be a tough route with plenty of climbing including Ardochrig. Arguably the selling point for this event is the 2 feed stations laden with some of the best homebaking I’ve tried, apart from my mum’s abviously! Lol

The Warriors team sheet so far for this event looks like:

As per the norm we’ll be raising money for the Beatson Cancer Charity, so if you can spare some loose change then please do, as every little helps and makes a big difference to those battling the horrible diease that is cancer.