Nights are Drawing in!

Wed night arrives once again but this occasion the Warriors were down to 2 dedicated individuals, myself and Stevie Potter.

As it was a cooler night I opted for the bib tights and jacket instead of the shorts and gilet. Lights were essential last night as it was dark at the start of the ride!

Not reall too much to report on here as it was just the usual 23mile route. We did have one incident tho when Stevie got a puncture not long into the Ardochrig climb, in the pitch black, and he’d forgotten to pack his spare inner tubes, so I gave him one of mine. Night in shining armour and all that!

After getting the tube replaced and inflating the tyre Stevie discovered that he couldn’t get the wheel through the brake block so had to deflate it, attach the wheel then re-inflate again!

I’ve never seen Ardochrig so busy in my life as we were past but at least a dozen vehicles while we, sorry Stevie,  fixed the puncture. I was the official light shiner!

Ardochrig seemed a lot easier tonight but that could have been down to the fact that we couldn’t see the top of the hill as it was too dark!

It turned out a very pleasant evening and was no where near as cold as I had first though it would be. Stevie has his floodlights with him which resulted in several cars in the distance pulling into the side to let us pass, thinking that we were a larger vehicle than we actually were!

All in all it was another great we pedal.