No Doughnut Power!

So after Saturdays horrendous windy, snowy, sleety, freezing bike ride, Willie and I decided to try the same route again this afternoon (long lunch break!) as the weather was dry with the odd smidgen of sunshine! Yes that’s right, I said sunshine!! We thought we would try exactly the same  route again.

Willie got to my place and pumped my tyres up for me as my left hand is still pretty bad from falling off the MTB in Spain numerous times a couple of weeks ago! All pumped up we were ready to go. Just as we were about to leave Willie showed me his rear wheel, totally cream crackered! It wobbled like you wouldn’t believe! Hey ho he say, let’s just get on with it!

We set off towards Eaglesham and realised pretty quickly that we were going to have a much better ride today compared to Saturday. A nice tail wind pushed us all the way to lights in Eaglesham. Just as we got to the lights before the first big climb Willie said he was lacking energy so would be taking it easier today compared to Saturday. Note to all……The Krispy Kreme diet doesn’t work! The 2 days fast per week followed by indulging in whatever food you want for the other 5 days may give you some weight loss, but its not great for exercising the day after fasting, evidently. (For more info see Stu’s blog on proper weight loss plans).

Anyway, we blasted up the Climb out of Eaglesham and hit the moor. Still with a lovely tailwind all the way to the 77. Turning onto the main road we had a pretty strong cross/headwind but riding side by side we managed to power through it down to Newton Mearns. We were really enjoying the ride by this point, no rain, not much traffic, dry roads it was great. Could do with it being a bit warmer than 3 degrees but hey, you can’t have everything.

We rode pretty hard back to Eaglesham, at one point Willie had to stop as he thought his brake blocks were rubbing on his rear wheel. They weren’t, it was his knackered rear wheel running like an old cartwheel! 

When I got in, I didn’t have to spend an hour trying to defrost like Saturday, that means it was a good ride! All in we did 23 miles in 1 hour 23mins at an average speed of 16.44mph. A bit faster than Saturday which is all probably down to the conditions however we could’ve gone quicker today if Willie had stocked up on Krispy Kreme’s yesterday like he did last Friday! Still an impressive ride from him.