Weather Outside is Frightful

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the snow is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Christmas is in the past with the only real reminders of it’s existence being credit card bills and expanding waistlines, yet the words above are quite apt for the moment as quite frankly the weather has been Frightful the past week and a bit!

With storms resembling hurricane bawbag, any thoughts of a cycle were just that, thoughts! That meant only one thing, well two things actually, Turbo-Tastic and Spin-Tastic would be the order of the next week or so.

I started back at the Spin Classes last Tuesday night and Linzie McQueen really put us through our paces, a great workout all the same. That was followed up with Spin the following morning at 6:15am, well was supposed to be followed up except the instructor never showed up and we ended up doing a virtual Spin! Frustrating when you get out your bed at 5:30am and make your way to the gym for the instructor to be a no show! A full class sitting waiting for him! To be fair the instructor in question came onto Facebook and apologised saying it was his mistake and that he’d work us twice as hard next week to make up for it!

Any hope of hitting the road last Saturday was literally blown out the window as we got battered with storms including hailstones, sleet and snow! Gilly, Davie, Stevie Potter and myself hit the gym instead and rattled in an hour and a half Virtual Spin.

So as I type it’s Monday night and this weeks batch of Spin classes begin tomorrow night at 6:45pm and continue the following morning at 6:15am.

This morning saw the start of this weeks 3LC turbo sessions, the results you can see in the video below recorded on my Garmin Virb Elite. Please note that the below video is not for the faint hearted or small children!