One Life ID

Yesterday I took receipt of my One Life ID band. These bands are a great way to store emergency contact details and medical details on in the unfortunate case of an accident.

You build your profile with contact details, emergency contact numbers and medical history on an online page and should something happen to you the emergency services can scan the QR code on your band and get all the relevant info. You can update your details as many times as you want and whenever you want at no additional cost.

These bands are a great idea I originally bought mine to wear only when I’m out on the bike but have been wearing it all the time as it’s so light, discrete and they look good.

I really hope that the emergency services never need to scan my QR code but if they do at least I know the relevant people will be contacted ASAP.

When I’m out on the bike I usually only carry my mobile phone which needs a pin number inserted correctly to access my phone book etc. I never carry any other form of identification so these bands are ideal for it.

My One Life ID Band
My One Life ID Band


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