One Puncture, Two Puncture, Three Puncture, Four!

Roll call for this morning consisted of myself, Chris and Gilly.

I had to be back for 12 o’clock as Gail was heading out so we opted for an 8:20am start! Alarm clock woke me at 7am and I hauled my sorry ass out of bed and polished off 2 weetabix followed by an energy gel, got kitted up and headed across the road to Colonsay to met Chris and Gilly.

Gilly and Chris duly arrived and by Gill’s own admission he wasn’t match fit. That didn’t justify what he’d go on to do to Chris and I later on during our ride, I’ll come to that later!

We decided to head for Stewarton and head along the Queensway and swung a left at Peel Park and headed past Hairmyres and through Jackton into Eaglesham. At the cross roads at Eaglesham we took a right onto Gilmour street then a left onto Humbie Road followed by Eaglesham road and then onto the Ayr Road.

As we turned onto the B769 we were facing some tough climbs into the strong winds with a little rain mixed in. As we completed a steep climb and turned the bend my back tyre punctured, the one with the slime inner tube which was supposed to plug any punctures automatically! I’m guessing it can’t handle the high pressure that I run in my tyres, 120psi.

As Chris and I set about changing the inner tube Gilly became Team Whitelee Warriors Official Photographer as he snapped away like a Japanese tourist as we got our hands mucky doing the dirty work!

With the inner tube replace we set off and round the next corner where it was Chris’s turn to get the puncture! We quickly adopted our self assigned roles with Gilly on the camera and Chris and I setting about changing the tube.

Tube replaced and we were ready to set off on our merry way again until we heard a hissing noise coming from Chris’s bike………… thankfully it wasn’t his trouser snake making the hissing noise, but unfortunately it was his tyre again! After a few swear words we set about removing the tyre from the rim to repair his second puncture, it was at this point out the blue that my tyre decided to puncture with no-one anywhere near it! It had been lying on the grass so feck knows what happened.

So Chris finished off changing his tyre while I set about repairing my second puncture! It turns out that the tube I’d replaced after the first puncture was a repaired tube and that the high pressure inserted by the CO2 canister had blown the patch off.

Gilly had been struggling on the hills and Chris and I were convinced that he’d thrown some tacks into our path to allow for additional rest time for himself! It turns out that Gilly wasn’t playing pocket billiards after all, he was just reaching into the pockets he’d sewn into his lycra shorts to get a handful of tacks to sabotage Chris and my progress!

It was at this point that we decided to cut the pedal short as we were running out of time and supplies. Chris had left the house without his saddle bag which contained his CO2, inner tube and tyre leavers…… I think he’s been spending too much time with Alan McKee!

We swung a left and headed back to Eaglesham, left at the lights then back into Jackton then East Kilbride. As we were cruising along the Queensway Chris and I spotted a fellow cyclist a good bit a head of us and decided that we were going to reel him in! We gave chase just past KFC really picking the pace up and just about caught up with him at the roundabout but he managed to get through as we got held up by traffic. As we got through the roundabout we picked the pace up again and reeled him in and left him eating our smoking rubber! There was no way he was catching us back up as we were flying at this point!

We re-grouped at the bus stop across from Colonsay had a quick chat then I headed off home while Gilly and Chris started the steep climb back to Hamilton.

We had planned to do a 40 miler but due to the unplanned punctures and time delays we ended up racking up 29 miles, with an average speed of 15.5mph and an average cadence of 83rpm.

I felt good but it was a tough cycle in the strong winds, especially with some of the tough climbs we had. The rain was intermittent and heavy at times but it was still a warm day.

I then spent the afternoon watching the Prologue to the Tour de France.