One Very Cold Pedal

With Stevie P out of action for the foreseeable future the line up for yesterday started off as Gilly, Davie and myself. That was soon to change as Davie announced to the Facebook world that he was having a solo acquaintance with Bombay Saffire! As soon as Gilly and I read that we knew he’d be a no show, and sure enough we were correct!

The start time was scheduled for 8am as I was taking Callum to the basketball in the afternoon and needed to be back for around noon. Gilly duly took up the role of route planner and came up with something a little different. I downloaded the route to my Garmin so we could follow it and not get lost, or at least that was the plan.

Gilly arrived at mine for 8am and I handed over the 6 inner tubes he ordered. He took one out the bag and placed it into his saddle bag stating that he hoped he never had to use it! Well that was tempting fate was it not?

It was a very cold morning but dry as we started out, that would change as the ride went on. We set off from mine and headed onto the Queensway and were immediately battling the strong winds. We continued in to Busby, through Clarkston, Rouken Glen and into Darnley. From Darnley we swung a left and headed into Barrhead along the A736 towards Uplawmoor and into Dunlop.

After Gilly’s famous last words about hoping not to use his inner tubes, he got yet another puncture! He’s not had a good run of it lately. We duly set about fixing the puncture since our resident puncture repair guy Stevie is currently out of action. Gilly removed the old inner tube from the rim and took out the new one I had got him only to discover that it was a schrader instead of presta valve! Not a huge problem or so we thought! I tried to insert the valve into the valve hole on the rim, only to diecover that it was too big and didn’t fit the hole! I gave Gilly one of my old tubes and we got it changed over, Gilly also discovered how to work his CO2 inflator properly.

We carried on into Stewarton and after what seemed like an age, not recognising any of the roads, we popped out at Newton Mearns.

My Garmin had started to play up right from the off and continually crashed and froze through the ride, hence why we weren’t sure if we were on the right road.

Continuing into Eaglesham we headed back home to East Kilbride and ended a very cold, wet and windy 46 miles. At one point we were going down a 7% hill and the wind was that strong that we had to pedal to get DOWN the hill!

As we hit Eaglesham I started to lose all feeling in my hands and they really started to throb and get quite painful. Was glad to get home a defrost! That was easily the coldest I’ve ever been on a pedal! Could have been worse, as Stuart Munro was out with the road club and his fingers were that cold when he got home that he was unable to unfasten the buckle of his helmet so had to go into the shower still wearing it! Lol

Once back at Gilly’s car I said to him to check the rest of the inner tubes to see which valve type they were and I’d change them for him. He checked them and out of 6 inner tubes, only one was the wrong valve type and sods law that was the one Gilly picked to put in his saddle bag before we set off on the pedal!

All in all it was a very cold pedal with driving rain, gale force winds and hailstones!

Was very pleased today as despite the conditions I felt very strong and powered up all climbs thrown at me. The weight loss and 6am turbo sessions are starting to show in my performances now. Makes it all worthwhile.

You can find the route detailed blow. This is Gilly’s stats as my Garmin kept crashing. It appears to be a bug with the 810 software when using the courses feature. One which is highlighted in the Garmin forums and is been worked on by Garmin, so hopefully they’ll have a fix very soon.