Poor Service from SatNavEasy.co.uk

My Garmin Cadence sensor decided to stop communicating with my Edge 705 the other day for no apparent reason. I tried to reset and re-pair the devices but to no avail. I even changed the battery in the sensor but still no joy.

Not the best of timing for the bloody thing to pack in with the Pedal for Scotland event coming up tomorrow so I shopped around online for somewhere who had the device in stock. That’s when I cam across satnaveasy.co.uk. They weren’t the cheapest place I came across but their site looked far superior than the one I had seen the cadence sensor on before.

SatNavEasy offered a price match so I filled the form in at 9am on Thursday and fired it away as they offered next day delivery if ordered before 4pm. I received an automated response straight away saying that they had received it and would be in touch shortly.

By lunchtime I still hadn’t heard from them so decided to give them a phone and the chap I spoke to said that the guy who deals with the price match was on his lunch and would be looking at his emails after that and would get back to me. I made it clear to the guy that I needed it for a race on Sunday, this was also highlighted on the price match form.

Well it’s now 19:25 on Sat, the night before the event and surprise surprise I haven’t heard from them!

Just wanted to say thank you very much Sat Nav Easy, your customer service is shite!