Pop Goes My Tyre!

With Gail getting her haircut on the Saturday I had planned to head out on the bike on the Sunday morning. Well that idea was quickly ground to a halt when I awoke to the place covered in snow and the snow freely flowing from the sky! Ended up taking Callum to his rugby training instead and ASBO popped up to watch the Man Utd v Liverpool and Arsenal v Man City games, which resulted in Jack Daniels and Coke being the drink of the afternoon, followed by a Domino’s pizza!

3LC Climbing DVDFeeling guilty today I jumped on the scales and was surprised to see that I had lost 1.5lbs in the last week, I say surprised but apart from yesterday I’ve been good and watched what I’ve eaten. I then decided that to make up for missing out on a pedal over the weekend I’d jump on the turbo trainer after work and give my new 3LC Climbing DVD a bash.

Basically the DVD is a Turbo Trainer workout designed for specific disciplines, this one is designed to improve your climbing funnily enough. I got the bike in from the shed and set up the turbo trainer and hopped on. Everything was going well, I was building up a sweat and was really enjoying the workout which lasts 50mins until my rear tyre exploded! I hadn’t been using a turbo tyre and the heat build up blew the tyre.

Does that class as another puncture? Does the turbo session class as another cycle? If so that’s three pedals and three punctures in 2013! Surely that’s me finished now????

Got a new Continental GatorHardShell Tyre from work the other day so thankfully I hadn’t swapped them over yet! Just ordered a Turbo Trainer Tyre from ebay too.

So that was the end of my workout with 10 mins to go, climbing the final hill and bang! At least I was on the Turbo and not out on the road when it happened!

My Damaged Tyre
My Damaged Tyre


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