Post Pizza Hut PB

stu-featured3After Tuesday’s Pizza Hut fueled 38miler with Gilly I indulged in an early morning blast round the StuTape route.

With the boys being away at the caravan with my mum and dad I didn’t have to be back to let my wife get to work. Usually my 6am pedals involve blasting round my 10 mile TT route, but with more time on my hands a longer distance was the order of the day. Initially I was thinking about doing the Stewarton run but that would take around 2 and a half hours which leaving at 6am would get me home for around 8:30am. Only issue would be if I had a mechanical or a P (cyclists will know what a P is and why we don’t mention the word!).

So, it was decided that I would do the StuTape. My alarm woke me at 5:45am and I nearly rolled back round before catching a glimpse of the sun through the curtains and decided to investigate more. Yip, my eyes weren’t deceiving me, it was in fact a lovely sunny morning so not wanting to waste it I managed to drag myself out of bed and got kitted up.

I’ve done the StuTape what seems like a million times now, but today (Thursday 9th) was different, I had a plan! I decided not to go all gun-ho on the flat sections and instead decided to keep a close eye on my cadence and listen to what my legs were telling me. Guess what? The plan worked and I smashed my way to a new PB, knocking 2mins 21secs off my previous best! I noticed that I had a lot more left in my legs at later stages of the route, sections where I usually start to drop speed I was able to maintain a constant speed.

26.5 miles with 1,335 feet of climbing and rattling out an average speed of 18.4mph, well chuffed with that!

Not a bad way to start the day than with a new PB. The day was to get even better as I was notified that I had won an Xbox One game on Facebook, so all in all it was a good day all round!