Potential Fundraising Event

I have potentially found the latest fundraising event to be added to our calendar, the Cycle the World 24 hour Challenge at Knockhill Race Course. I say potential as I’ve yet to convince the majority of the boys to take part with me!

The event involves cycling as many laps as you can in a 24 hour period, from 10am Friday 28th August to 10am Saturday 25th August 2015. This event can be done solo for the ultimate challenge or as part of a team of 2-6 riders. Only one rider from each team is permitted on the track at any one time.

I had spotted this last year and didn’t get a response, but to be fair I only stumbled across it 2 weeks before the event. So far we have a team of three riders, Gilly, Stevie Potter and myself. Ally Menzies is a maybe, he’s a maths teacher so needs to see if he can get the time off work and Stevie Haining will just’ve started his probationary year as a Primary School Teacher so that rules him out.

Davie Mullin declined my offer, replying with the following:

Nah, the 24hr thing sounds a bit dull TBH.

He referred to going round and round in circles on a race track. Now take a look at the photos below and tell me if they look like a person who isn’t enjoying themselves?

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Yip that is Davie Mullin, in Dubai cycling round and round the F1 track, with a smile on his face!

As I mentioned earlier we currently have a team of 3 riders and hopefully will manage to get more on board but failing that, and if people pull out, I may look into doing this as a solo challenge.

This event, like all events we’ll do in 2015 will be used as fundraising for the fabulous Beatson Cancer Charity. Our Just Giving Page for 2015 is now live and ready for your kind donations.