Pretty Uneventful Cycle…….

Well compared to last week’s farce anyway!

Armed with my new Topeak Race Rocket HP pump and two spare inner tubes I was guaranteed not to get any punctures today!

The day started just like most Sundays, I text Scott and we arrange to meet at 10am at the Sainsbury’s depot. I arrive there just before 10am and like every time I arrange to meet Scott he’s nowhere to be seen. Then comes the compulsory text saying he running late and that he’ll be there for 10.10am. 10.10am comes and goes and still no sign of Scott, why change the habit of a lifetime eh! 10.20am arrives and Scott appears, but to be fair to him it’s the earliest he’s been late for a long time!

I then show off my new pump to Scott and explain that I also have, not one but TWO spare inner tubes with me! Scott then produces the packaging for the pump he got for Xmas to prove that it does actually inflate up to 70psi. I find that hard to believe going on last weeks performance, I can fart harder than that thing pumps!

We then set off past the side of Langlands and head up Ardochring, a good challenging climb, well not that challenging on the road bike to be fair, then head for Strathaven. We mange to do the same 3-4 mile loop 3 times having lost our bearings slightly. All miles are good miles and all that!

We eventually get back on track and at one point we are cycling on a narrow single track round heading for a bend with Scott cycling on the right hand side, he turns to me and says, “I hope I don’t meet any cars coming” then turned back round to be faced with a young couple in a Clio stopped right in front of him! If that had been a boy racer driving the car then Scotty would have been over the bonnet! After Scott offered his apologies what seemed like 100 times we continued on our way, heading back to the Sainsbury’s depot via Auldhouse. I then leave Scott and head home via Lindsayfield and Stroud Road to add an extra few miles to my total.

And guess what? No Punctures!

It was a good 31 miles after the disappointment of last Saturday and Sunday’s rides. Weather was kind to us, slightly chilly but dry with a little ice in places.

Really starting to feel fitter and stronger and loving it!

I look forward to reading Gilly’s report on their trip to Aberfoyle yesterday.