Quick Cycle in the Trossachs

So it was my 5 year Wedding Anniversary weekend away with Tamara to Loch Lomond and what better way to celebrate than a good bike ride!

Unfortunately Tamara had come down with the dreaded virus that is doing the rounds but she was however quite happy to be the Directeur Sportif for the day and follow me in the team car.


I’ve always wanted to cycle Dukes Pass but never had the right opportunity until now. I got out of the team car about 15 miles or so from Aberfoyle, just outside Balloch and started cycling along the A811 towards Drymen. The weather was nice and sunny to start with and the roads were dry with a slight headwind. The road to Aberfoyle is definitely not flat but still a great road to get a good rhythm going and I managed to average 19.3mph for the first 15 miles, then I hit the Pass!

Down came my average speed quite dramatically as I hit the long climb up out of Aberfoyle. The climb is only about 1.5 miles but at an average gradient of 10% it has similarities to the infamous Mont Ventoux, albeit a heck of a lot shorter!


Dukes Pass was everything I imagined it to be, fast, twisty, fast, turny, hilly, fast and …… FAST! What a great laugh it was. The Directeur Sportif stopped on one of the sharpest corners of the descent and took this picture


Obviously I wanted to look my best! but I didn’t realise how sharp the bend was! Nearly overshooting and ending up the valley I corrected myself just in time to miss a massive patch of snowy ice that was on the road.

With the brilliant descent now complete all I has left was the winding road up to the Loch Katrine car park where we were meeting to finish.

It was only a 25 mile ride in total so not a patch on what a lot of the Warriors have done this weekend. I did however do a quick 5k run along the shores of Loch Katrine afterwards as race season is fast approaching!


Once finished, what better reward than a nice coffee, cake and snooze by the fire. 



Must get the warriors over to the Trossachs for a pedal, its a great area to cycle.