Return To The Bike & The Blog

Having rested my achilles for what seemed like an eternity (18 days) and treating it with ice and heat I thought I’d try and get back on the bike again. Chris and I set off over the hill on Saturday 30th June towards big Stu’s. Halfway up the hill Chris stopped and informed me that he had forgotten to bring his underseat bag with his spare inner tube and puncture repair kit etc. “Don’t worry about it” I replied, “Stu and I will have enough between us”. Little did I know that this would be severely tested. We met up with Stu and headed for Eaglesham. I was definitely feeling the lay off and Chris and Stu were having to soft peddle occasionally (too often for my liking) as the elastic band stretched towards snapping point. We cycled through Newton Mearns and headed for Stewarton. It was pretty exposed to the wind at this point and when the rain came on it was certainly feckin chilly for June. Just as we crested a climb there was a loud hiss and big Stu had a rear wheel puncture. We changed the inner tube, well Chris and Stu did. As Alan McKee wasn’t with us I felt that I should take his role, so I stood about offering advice and took some pictures for the blog.

Job done we set off again and literally minutes later it was Chris’ turn to get a puncture. This time I took some more pictures but also helped out. As soon as the tube was replaced and inflated with one of Stu’s CO2 canisters it punctured again so it was back off with the wheel and repair the first one.

As that was almost done Stu’s rear wheel started hissing and punctured while the bike was lying on the deck with it’s wheel in mid air!!!! WTF!!!! Absolutely bizarre.

Another repair later and we were getting pretty cold by this point. We set off and cut the proposed route short due to time and running out of spares. We headed home and it felt good to get a run in after being off the bike for a bit. The run clocked in at 34 miles, average speed 15.1 mph with 1500 feet of climbing. Considering the winds etc. I was pretty pleased with that.

Monday 2nd July. Chris and I headed out for spin. Being creatures of habit we followed our usual Chapleton loop and added a loop around Strathaven. It was quite a nice night and we clocked up 22 miles in 1 hour 22 mins, averaging 16 mph with 838 feet of climbing and a top speed of 40.0 mph!!

Friday 6th July. Chris and I headed out again. It was pretty windy so we decided to drop down to Bothwell Rd and head into Glasgow through Bothwell and Uddingston. We passed hundreds of middle aged, and some younger women heading to the Tom Jones concert at the Hamilton racecourse. I asked Chris if they would have had to reduce the number of people in the stand to make sure they didn’t exceed its safe working load. Hopefully there was no knicker throwing as someone could have slipped a disc.

As we passed the velodrome on our way into Glasgow we tried to get a wee look at it but its still surrounded by fencing. Chris reckons that clubs are allowed into it as he was talking to a guy who had been there. A wee job for you Stu, let’s try to get the Warriors in there.

We made our way down to Billy Bisland’s bike shop and stood at the window drooling. The Cervelo’s still there and there were a couple of nice Focus’s that we could see.

We headed through the park and retraced our steps back to Hamilton clocking 27 miles, 745 feet climbed with an average speed of 15.8 mph. This was Chris’ last pedal for over a week as he is off on holiday. Felt better on this run after getting a few miles under my belt this week although I had had a few pints after finishing our course in Glasgow and probably would have been touch and go if breathalysed.

Heading out tomorrow morning with Andy Bennett before flying to Orkney for a weeks work. Have organised bike hire so I should get a few miles in while I’m up there, then it’s off abroad on holiday, but I’ve also sussed out some bike hire over there although it’s about 100 degrees. Need to make an effort though as it’s all inclusive and there are only 3 days between us getting home and the Graeme Obree sportif (45 miler), so if I don’t do a bit I’ll be in worse shape than after my latest lay off. It seems every time we organise an event there is a week or two of debauchery before it which scuppers my training. Saalbach and the Duke’s pass spring to mind. Hope to see you guys at some point in the not too distant future. To those heading down under have a great time and pass my regards to that c*nt Docherty.