Running for Cycle Fitness

With the weather being dreadful over the winter months I have been putting in as many miles as possible by foot. my aim was for slow long distance with shorter recovery runs. ive lost a bit of weight from the training but nothing to write home about but was surprised at my cycling fitness.

Friday was only my second proper run on the bike since some time last year. I was short for time but knew I could get to the prison and back to east kilbride in time so suited up in my whiteleewarriors kit. With no rain in the air but some strong winds it was not going to get easy. I pushed hard all the way to prison turned and came back not knowing my time as my winter bike does not have a computer.

once showered and dressed I checked my strava and was surprised with the time for very little cycling, the weather and my winter bike. the running has really helped maintain my fitness.
only question now is can I keep up the running and the cycling through summer?