Searching for my Mojo

In Search of my Cycling Mojo.
In Search of my Cycling Mojo.

I’ve been a bit lazy of late, a mixture of the crappy weather followed by Christmas and New Year has kept me off the bike and pushed me towards alcohol and food…… in abundance!

Like anything else if you spend long enough away from it the harder it is to get back into, this being the case with myself and the bike. I can’t explain why as I love cycling, kept reading the magazines, drooled over Gilly’s trusty new stealth stead, yet actually getting myself on the bike turned out to be a chore that I never undertook in the past month or so.

The icing on the cake came the other day, Gilly sent me a text asking if I wanted to head out on the bike the following morning, I replied saying I couldn’t make it, to which he replied, “What, not even a reason or letter from your mum?“. I didn’t have an excuse I just said I couldn’t make it, why? Well I was having a bottle of Buckie and watching the semi-final of the darts! You’re right that isn’t a valid reason! Going back only a few months ago I’d of put the bottle away, kept my head fresh so I could head out and do what I loved / love, cycle! What was going on???

Yesterday I received the kick up the butt that I needed, and that came, once again, from Gilly. He sent me a message saying he was worried I’d lost my cycling Mojo as I wasn’t going to Mallorca and that I was making excuse after excuse to not go out on the bike. That got me thinking, he was right, I was making excuse after excuse or in the end not even giving an excuse as to why I wouldn’t be out. Sadly due to financial reasons I won’t be travelling to Mallorca with the boys in April this year.

With Gilly’s words ringing around my head, Gail working and the boys at my sisters I made the decision to head out on the bike in search of my cycling Mojo! It had to be done, I had to do this and I had to do it today! (Monday 4th Jan).

I headed to the shed and got the bike out, pumped up my tyres as they were a little soft and headed upstairs to get changed. I opted for the Club Kit, as it has the Beatson Cancer Charity logo proudly displayed on the sleeve, I felt it would spur me on, to remember why I do all this training and cycling. Now kitted up I felt a little nervous, why I don’t know but I did. That was me, all ready to head out and find my cycling mojo after over a month off the bike. I picked up the bike to head out the door and my rear tyre was flat!!!! I’m not going to lie, I nearly chucked it, not the bike, the ride. Trying to find my cycling Mojo and just as I go to head out the door I have a flat tyre, just what I needed!

As I said, I very nearly put the mojo searching off for another day, but then Gilly’s words got into my head again! No, I had to do this, so I changed the tube and headed out and boy was I glad I did.

I very quickly realised what I loved about cycling, the freedom, the fresh air, the wind blowing through my hair! Lol

My plan, which I stuck to was to head out on my 10 mile loop and just enjoy the cycle, not paying any attention to average speed or chasing PB’s, this was all about finding my cycling Mojo and enjoying the cycle. Don’t get me wrong it was tough at points, especially turning onto the Kingsway straight into a headwind! I did however, unintentionally, record two 2nd fastest ever times on Strava segments.

Even a wee mishap after I came back with a pedal spanner slipping and my hand making contact with my crankset, didn’t dampen my spirits!

I'm not going to lie, that hurt, hurt a lot!
I’m not going to lie, that hurt, hurt a lot!

So there we are, I’ve found my cycling Mojo again. I like to say I didn’t Lose my cycling Mojo, just temporally misplaced it!


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