Snow Fair

As many of you are aware my new job, well I say new but I’ve been there for 2 months now, requires I work a Sunday, the day of rest!

It’s not all doom and gloom as I get a Wednesday off to ride my bike! Anyway back to the story in hand……… the weekend just past I had to work the Saturday as Dave, the shop manager had what is a very rare weekend off! Wasn’t a problem for me as it was international weekend so the famous Glasgow Rangers didn’t have a game so I wasn’t missing anything…….. or so I thought!

Turns out I missed the glorious sunshine, something we here in Scotland very rarely get to see!

So as if it wasn’t bad enough I’d just turned 40 I had to work the full weekend! As I mentioned before I wasn’t really bothered as it was international weekend and I had Tuesday and Wednesday off to make up for working the weekend.

Brilliant, I would head out in the bike both days as the boys would be at school and the wife would be at work…….. well that was the plan, but the EK weather had other plans!

I awoke at 7am on the Tuesday to take the kids to school only to look out and discover we were ankle deep in snow with a snow blizzard still in progress! So that was the pedal out the window! To make matters worse when the Saturday, my usual day off, came around it was glorious sunshine, lovely and warm, and I was stuck in work! Sods law!!!!!!

Not worry all was back to normal this week……. well days off wise. Today is Wednesday and I was hoping to head out on the bike but my eldest Callum was off school with a bug which he’s very kindly past on to be me so yet again no pedal.