Snowy Saturday 23/2/13

Well its that day again, satarday and me and David Docherty had made plans to cycle the sorn route around 60miles. But being East Kilbride it was snowing and cold and windy and cold and snowing so we decided to see how things went as we pedalled.

We set of from Stewartfield with our heads pointed into the wind and snow. I had filled my pockets with energy bars, gels a banana and had slapped some peanut butter and jam on some bread to get me through the first couple of miles.

As we made good progress towards Strathaven the snow faded and I could lower my buff from around my mouth and start breathing warmer air. I was hitting the hills as hard as I could and slowing up a bit for david on the flats giving me a bit of time for recovery.

Strathaven came and went and the weather was looking good as we went past the prison and at that point we decided to do the muirkirk loop. I had cycled around muirkirk a few times but had never done the loop so was looking forward to some new scenery. I was not disappointed. We swung a right at muirkirk and stayed on the main road till we came to sorn. This took us through quiet small country roads with crisp cold scenery but also nippy we climbs all the way back to the y junction at the boundary.

I polished off my peanut and jam sandwich and I was in heaven. God the sweetness and stickiness in my mouth and the feeling of food in my belly. Its a must try.

It was then route 1 home. Back to strathaven then ek as fast as we could csuse my big left toe had lost all feeling and I did not know if it was still there.
52 miles in just over 3 hours 16mile an hour ave.

Lesson s from this week, invest in some thermal socks and a peanut and jam sandwich can change your world.