Solo 23 Miler

With the Graeme Obree literally just round the corner I needed to get back out on the bike. My legs were feeling heavy after Sunday’s Brutal day but hey ho that’s life, just need to get on with it!

With no-one taking up my kind offer of great company and great patter it was to be a solo ride. Meant there was no-one to see the man tears!

Arriving home from work I got kitted up and watched as the big dark grey clouds rolled in, and the winds stirring up a storm. Thankfully the rain came to nothing but the wind made sure I would work for my miles tonight.

I’d decided to do the old Wednesday night route up over Ardochrig…….. yes I know it’s Tuesday and not Wednesday!

So how did it go…….. well the legs were heavy and with the added wind it took a lot a grit, determination and handlebar chewing to plod on, but plod on I did and actually thoroughly enjoyed it, in a way only cyclists will understand. Lol

23.33 miles completed with an average speed of 17.2mph and 1,545 ft of climbing, happy with that!

Back to the StuTape tomorrow night, and I think I may have company for that ride too!